Saturday, March 18, 2006

Week 14 - Day 6 Tom King Half

I have a new PR! Today was the Tom King Half and I ran it in 1:52:38. My goal was 1:55, to beat my time from the McMinnville half I ran in October.
I went up to Nashville last night and went to Jon’s rugby game. Anyone who thinks running is hard on the body has never watched rugby. Jon did great. He scored just as I got there so I didn’t see it but heard the cheering. After the game, I went to eat with Dad and Shelley at Bonefish Grill. The food was excellent but I should have skipped the beers I had with dinner. Went back to Dad and Shelley’s house and had yet ANOTHER beer and had a great time with Shelley trying on clothes. I have got to get by her shop; the stuff she had at home was awesome; dying to see the store. I wanted to get to bed early since I did not sleep much the night before due to this shoulder. Ronnie said I have a trigger point and I have been stretching and rubbing it but I still had a hard time sleeping last night. Got up at about 5:30 this morning ate a Cliff bar and headed to Titan’s Stadium. I meet up with Gary, Tracy, and Lana and gave them their race packets. Then we all tried to decide what to wear. I decided that the cold gear pants, tank top and long sleeve cool max top would be enough and put the rest in my car. I am glad I didn’t wear anything more, I was just about perfect.
I have never run the Tom King race before and I really like the course. Nice and flat!! There was always another runner to entertain you or motivate you. It was a lot of fun. I ran the first 3 miles with Gary and Lana, then Gary took off and left us. I think his final time was 1:49. Then Lana took off and left me around 9 miles. I tried to catch her but never could. Her final time was 1:51. Tracy made it in 1:56. A PR for everyone.
My pace for each mile was: 1-8:46, 2-8:34, 3:8:36, 4-8:16, 5-8:35, 6-8:36, 7-8:15, 8-8:27, 9-8:07, 10-8:35, 11-8:41, 12-8:53 and 13-8:17 with an average pace of 8:29.
Today completes week 14 of my training. Next week is the 24 mile run and I will have to do it on Thursday and shift everything else around. I didn’t get in the pool or on my bike this week and the bike is out for next week but maybe I can get in a swim on Tuesday.


Rae said...

Great job!! We must have been REALLY close to each other at the finish!

It turned out to be a really nice day!

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Chris McKnett said...

Way to go!