Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Week 15 - Day 3

This is spring???? It is COLD!!!! We have changed our long run for this week from Thursday to Sunday. The weatherman is promising that it will be sunny and 59 on Sunday vs. tomorrow when the high is 43. Changing the long run got me back on schedule since I skipped Monday because of the rain and ran Monday’s run on Tuesday so this morning I ran Tuesday’s 3 miles. Now I am just shifting everything a day. Don’t know what I will do next week. Guess I will figure it out when it gets here.
I ran at 5:15 this morning at the dreaded indoor track. I was really grouchy this morning even with most people staying out of the far outside lane. I just hate running in the circle and it seems like the less I do it the more I hate it the next time I have to do it.
I wore my new Saucony’s, they are just like my other pair and felt the same (smell better). I am just rotating 4 pair of shoes now. I ran 3 miles in 27:28 for a pace of 9:09. Lana got there at the very end of my run but she was running with Briar and was about half a lap ahead of me, I felt like I was at Tom King and trying to catch her.
Casey just asked me to call Laine to see how many miles she has. She wants to go “run” a mile since we haven’t done one in a while, still at 10. I think we will wait for it to warm up some both kids are just getting well. Maybe I will take them up to the Rec Center track Friday afternoon after I finish my 5 miles.
I have the indoor track to look forward to for both Friday and Saturday’s runs. I hope it is not raining tomorrow I HAVE to run outside, I think I would go insane if I had to run 5 days in a row on that track!

What I ate today:
20 oz CF Diet Coke
Ham and Swiss in a tortilla
Celery and cucumbers with blue cheese dressing
Baked Chicken

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Rae said...

What is up with this weather?? I am so sick of the treadmill. I'm ready for spring!!!