Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Week 13 - Day 2

Today called for a 4 mile run but I am going to have to run the long run on Thursday this week so I am shifting things around. Tracy and I set out for 6 miles from the rec center at about 8:15 with no route in mind. We started out with the greenway and town and ran a neighborhood off of Highway 41 that took us over to Bushy Branch Road. There were two fairly step hills late in the run. We got too far out AGAIN. This time we stopped at 6 miles and walked back to our cars, about a mile. The 6 miles took us 59:26 for an average pace of 9:55. After the run I swam, 3 x 200. I set out to do 6 to 8 x 200 but I had forgotten how much harder it is to try to swim fast. I asked the lifeguard to write down my times for me since my watch doesn’t keep track of all that, it is old. My times are for 200 yards.
1 – 3:44
2 – 3:50
3 – 3:48
This leads to my question: I signed up for the GJCC Tri and put in an estimated swim time of 4 minutes for a 200 meter swim. That swim is in a 50 meter pool and the swim I did today was in a 25 yard pool. Is 4 minutes a good estimated swim time or do I need to adjust it?
Kid's Training:
Walked one mile after school. That brings the total miles walked to 6. Casey wanted to call Laine to see how many miles she has now.

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Lana said...

I think you'll actually go even faster in a 50 meter pool since you don't have to fool with the turns...and that being the case I'd email them and ask to adjust it. I got them (Team Magic) to adjust mine one time and they were glad to do it.