Monday, March 13, 2006

Week 14 - Day 1

Today was 6-880s at 5k pace. I met Lana and Tracy at the Westwood track at 5:15 this morning. It was about 64 degrees with some wind. I wore shorts and my race shoes; they made me “wicked fast”. Here is the break down of the 880s:
The total distance was 3.08. Average pace 7:00/mile. I will never run a 7:00/mile 5k so I consider this a very good run today!
There was a bomb threat at school today so I had to leave work at 10:00 and pick up the kids. Casey has gymnastics today so we are skipping the walk today. We actually have time to do it since they are home so early but it is looking like it could storm any time now and they are happy playing on the trampoline.
I got Ronnie and me upgraded from the half to the full marathon today so there is no turning back now. Hope Lana got upgraded too. Tracy still needs to sign up!

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