Friday, March 24, 2006

Week 15 - Day 5

I am very proud that I ran today. I usually run in the morning not because I am a morning person but because if I wait I am less likely to run. Well with Ronnie out of town, I couldn’t run before work today (law frowns on leaving kids home alone) so I had to wait until after work. I changed into running clothes as soon as we got home and headed out. The child care room doesn’t open until 4 so we went to the bank then the Rec Center. We were still there early so it gave me extra time to stretch, something I don’t do enough of. I headed upstairs at 4:00 and ran 5 miles on the track in 45:03, pace 9:01. Then I got the kids and we went back upstairs and walked a mile on the track together. They were so excited to go upstairs for the first time, but the excitement wore off quickly and they started to feel the same way I do about the track. We finally got it done and they get to mark off mile 11 on their chart.

What I ate today:
20 oz CF Diet Coke
Grilled Chicken and Rice
Bread sticks
Diet Pepsi

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